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18 февраля 2021, 17:37 Город: Ясный (Оренбургская обл.) Просмотров: 252

Возраст: 25 лет
Рост: 167 см
Вес: 55 кг
Грудь: 3 размер
Размер Одежды: 44 размер
Звонить: 12:00 - 24:00
Не моложе: 26 лет
Обувь: 39 размер
Цвет волос: Русая
Национальность: Русская
Тело: Стройная
Пирсинг: Есть

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О себе

When we think “super model”, we think “tall”, we think “long legs” and we think “style”. There’s no exception when the man who cozies up to models on a regular basis looks to book time with a real model-escort. A stunning blonde Russian like me is close to perfection, thanks to my easy-going attitude and charisma. I am an adventurous person; I am friendly and open-minded by nature. “Open-minded” should point out to you in that you can feel free to express yourself and your desires in front of me. I have no doubt that this will allow you to increase your level of satisfaction and happiness. I will take you into confidence, will be gentle with you and encourage you in flirting with my elegant body. I love to kiss and I look just like a hot “James Bond Girl” in lingerie. With me, there is a towering (1, 85m) Russian escort-girl in town, just waiting to be explored. Are you ready to get lost on the mission? I will also happily accompany you on business or sports events, go sight-seeing, go to a concert or the opera with you, have dinner in a nice restaurant together or simply visit you in your hotel room after your long business day. Please sweeten my personal time by providing me with: Prices for longer meetings or for social meetings are individual and depend on many things. We can discuss these after we have met in person. Be assured that my company will crown your evening.

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    21 мая 2022, 18:07

    Очень нежная и милая ! Приеду обязательно ещё , и не раз !

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